What's Yukigassen? 

Eliminate members of the opposing team with snowball hits.
The team with the most number of remaining players at the end of the 3-minute set; or the team to first capture the opponent's flag WINS!

Ready, aim, fire!

What makes Yukigassen such a thrill?
The rush of landing a direct hit – and the heartbreak of taking one!
We call Yukigassen “humanity’s oldest winter sport”

Yukigassen as a Global Sport

The international Yukigassen community came together in February 2013 to establish the “International Alliance of sports Yukigassen (IAY / Yukigassen International)”. Among it's goals, IAY aims to improve the standard of competition and to promote the development of sport yukigassen worldwide.
Since the sport first began at the foot of Mt. Showa Shinzan (Sobetsu-town, Japan), Yukigassen has developmented into a competitive sport with tournaments and events around the world.