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International Rule

It’s a simple game, but the drama is incredible – miraculous throws and come –from – behind victories make for sensational contests.

●Each team consists of 7 players and 3 substitute players.(The 7 on-court player positions are 4 Forwards and 3 Backcourts)
●Each set lasts 3 minutes; the first team to win 2 sets wins
●Each team gets 90 snowballs per a set
●Players are eliminated when hit by a snowball on the fly (a direct hit)
●The team that eliminates more of the opposition’s players or captures the opposing team’s flag wins the set

Official Rule Book

“Showa-Shinzan International Yukigassen Laws of the Game” is the comprehensive rule book for the Yukigassen World Championship / Showa-Shinzan International Yukigassen.
Normal Layout 2022-2023 Rules 
    Pages arranged in numerical sequence.
Double-sided Booklet 2022-2023 Rules
    Pages arranged for printing on double side A4 paper for binding as a booklet.

Official Referee Sysytem

IAY / Yukigassen International operates under the official referee system.
International Yukigassen Referee Sysytem

Snowball making

The only weapon used are snowballs and they are made with the snowball maker.
45 snowballs made at a time. Each measuring 6.5 - 7.0cm. 270 snowballs are required for each match.
How to make Snowballs

Court Setup

The standard court will be a sectioned-off rectangle with the following dimensions :Length 36m, Width 10m. And Shelters, chateaus, and flag stand placements are as shown in Diagram.
1 Center Shelter (H:90cm, L:180cm, D:45cn) and 6 Shelters (H:90cm, L:90cm, D:45cn) and chateaus will generally be built using snow. However, other objects serve similar purpose and are safe could also be used.
Setup Check List
Court Layout