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Player's Guide

Below are the important information relevent to the Showa Shinzan International Yukigassen Tournament players.

The World Championships of Yukigassen consists of 2 Divisions:
• General Division (no restriction on gender of team members) - 112 teams
• Ladies Division (women only) - 18 teams
Age restiction: Junior high school student or above

Participation & Priority Ranking

The 130+ teams are made up of the following:

Seeded Team
General Division : Top 16 teams of the last tournament
Ladies Division : Champions and runner-up teams of the last tournament
Regional Qualifiers
Teams who advance from the regional qualifying round.
Committee Nomination
teams selected by the tournament committee based on the teams’ contribution to the tournament.
Other Applicant
Teams from areas without qualifying tournaments

Tournament Structure

• There will be a preliminary round, a semi-final round and a championship tournament to decidethe winner.
• In the preliminary round and semi-final round, groups will be made up of three teams. In case of an absent team, the remaining 2 teams will play 2 matches against each other. Each group winner will advance to the championship tournament.
•During the preliminary round and semi-final round, if there is a tie in the number of wins, the winner will be determined by the number of sets won.

Important Information For Player Coming from Overseas

Items necessary for the tournament
• Team Flag – per above; team logo and other designs on the flag are not required
• Uniform / shoes – no restriction on colors or styles; however, for safety reasons, the following are forbidden.
• Clothings that leaves large portions of the body exposed to the wintry weather
• Shoes with spikes or soles with another other material besides rubber is not allowed
• Gloves are optional but highly recommended
• Helmets, snowball making equipments and number vests are provided by the organizers.

Travel Arrangements
If you require assistance in arranging transportation and accommodations, please contact us.

The temperature during the tournaments usually ranges from -10ºC to 5ºC (14ºF to 41ºF).
Multiple layers of warm clothing is recommended to adjust to the range of temperature both indoors and outdoors.
Road conditions might affect travel time.
Do plan ahead to allow for possible delays.
Please refer to the link below for basic travel information.
1web-link.jpgHokkaido Official Tourism Website

Entry into Japan is required for citizens of some countries,
please refer to the link below for details.
1web-link.jpgMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Information for Entered Team

●To be Announced


Q1:Are teams required to have their own helmets?
Although many teams do have their own helmets these days, it is not required and the tournament will provide them.
Q2:I undertand that some Yukigassen tournament require that a team to have at least one member who is a licensed referee in order to compete. What about the World Championships at Showa-Shinzan?
World Championships of Yuigassen do not require a team member to be a licensed referee.
Q3:If our team has only 6 players on the day of the tournament due to injury, can our team still compete?
No. 7 players is required. However, do note that the team coach could become a player if necessary.
Q4:Are teams required to have their own team flag?
Yes. The team flag is one of the items that must be prepared by a team. Enjoy and have fun with designing your own team flag. Flag size is 50cm x 70cm
Q5:When is the tournament application period?
Tournament sign-up begins in December every year. Please visit this site for dates or contact us for details.
Q6:When a team is comprised of members from different areas, which regional tournament should our team sign-up for?
The address of the team representative will determine the team's official area. So, please enter the tournament of your team's official area. If you are not sure, please contact us.

Q7:Is there anyway for my team to participate in the World Championship of Yuligassen if we have been defeated in the regional qualifier?
In principle, if

Last updated:November 10, 2014