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Basic Rule

Each team consist of 7 players, 1 coach and 2 substitute players
* The 7 on-court player positions are 4 Forwards and 3 Backcourts
Each match consist of 3 three-minute sets. First team to win 2 sets wins the match.
 To Win: * Capture your opponents' flag or eliminate all their players.
 or * The team with more remaining players at the end of the game wins.
Any player struck by a direct snowball hit is eliminated from the set.
 • A hit by a snowball that ricocheted off an object or another player do not count as a direct hit.
 • A player is eliminated even when struck by a teammate's or one's own snowball. Even catching a snowball tossed by a teammate counts as a direct hit. So, passes must be made either hand-to-hand or by rolling.
④Each team can use up to 90 snowballs in each set. All snowballs are made prior to the start of the match. Any player caught making snowball during the match will be ejected.
Only 3 team members can advance into the opponents court at anytime; a fourth teammate entering the opponent's court would mean an automatic game loss. If a team member is outsed while in the the opponents' courts, another team member can then advance to replace him.

Court Chart

Official Rule Book

The Showa-Shinzan International Yukigassen Laws of the Game is the comprehensive rule book for the world championship at Showa-Shinzan, Hokkaido.

pdf.jpgNormal Layout/ 2019-2020 Rules
Pages arranged in numerical sequence.

pdf.jpgDouble-sided Booket/ 2019-2020 Rules
Pages arranged for printing on double side A4 paper for binding as a booklet.

Game Flow

Before the start of the game
.Place one snowball case (90 pcs) behind the Chateau. Players are to line up in front of the backline holding snowballs. The game begins when the referee blows the whistle.

During play
In order to attack and, at the same time, prevent attacks from opponents, it's best to capture the shelter closest to the opponents (see chart above).

Fast balls are not the only method of attack. Lobs are effective in attacking opponents hidden behind shelters. One effective strategy is to have multiple teammates targeting a single opponent.
According to the rule, forward players are not allow to go behind the backline of their own court. Only backcourt players are allow to supply the snowballs from the case behind the Chateau. Generally, the method of supplying snowballs are either by rolling or by passing from hand-to-hand. (Toss passes are not allowed.)

Basic Court Positioning Strategies

a defensive style of play; luring opponents to the Center and then attack.

a basic style of play with a balance between defensive and offensive

the offensive style of play


Official Referee System
The International Yukigassen Alliance operates under the official referee system. Click on link below for complete details.

pdf.jpgInternational Yukigassen Referee System

Referee Lecture・Exam
・Level 1 Referee Exam will be held at the Showa Shinsan IAY Tournament
・Level 2 Referee Pleae contact the IAY regional representative for details
・Level 3 Referee Pleae contact the IAY regional representative for details

Successful examinees of Level 1 Referee in 2019
・Tadashi Toyama / Japan