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Winning Tips

Winning Tips

Basic Rules

①Each team consists of 7 players (plus 1 coach & 2 back-up players)
②A match consists of three 3-minute sets(first team to win 2 sets wins the match)
To Win:
* Capture your opponents' flag or elminate all their players.
* The team with more remaining players at the end of the game wins. 
③Any player struck by a direct hit is eliminated from the set and must leave the court immediately.
④Each team is allowed 90 snowballs per set which are made prior to the start of the match.
⑤Abide by the referees' calls. Be sure to proceed to the outside court once called "out".

Games begin w/ the referee's whistle.

Game Flow
Snowballs are placed behind the Chateau. Players are to line-up in front of the backline
with snowball in hands
②Referee starts the game with a whistle
③Forward players attack the opponents with snowballs while the backcourt players supply snowballs to the forward players.
④Players should try to advance forward to eliminate opponents and to attempt capturing the flag.
⑤Exploit your opponents' weakness in order to capture their flag!

Hide behind the shelter and attack

Start game.gif

During Game.gif

Winning Tips
①It's difficult to hit your opponents from the backcourt even with fast balls. Forward players should be responsible for attacks
②It's very difficult to hit players hiding behind shelters with straightballs. Don't forget to use the lob!

How to make snowballs?
Snowballs for yukigassen are made using a special snowball maker.

Capture the flag!