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Snowball Making

The best way to make snowballs

sb1.jpgsb1.jpgTo make snowballs, you need a certain amount of wet snow. In areas that are super cold, and the snow is not so wet, put a little water on them or warm the snow a bit with a heater to give it some dampness. However, if you give it a lot of moisture and leave them for very long(e.g.overnight), they will turn into ice balls and become dangerous, so be sure to use the snowballs as soon as you make them.

sb2.jpgsb2.jpgThe Snowball-maker should not be set directly on the ground(snow) but on a wooden or concrete table. This way, the excess snow that collects while you are making the balls will fall from the cup of the Snowball-maker and you will have nice round snowballs.

sb3.jpgsb3.jpgThe amount of snow that is put into the Snowball-maker will be the right amount if you line up the table edge the Snowball-maker is on with the red line. Use the back of the scoop to hit the snow and shave it to get the right height. Also, remember to remove the excess snow that collects under the Snowball-maker so that more snow can fall off easily.

sb4.jpgsb4.jpgPlace your foot on the upper lid of the Snowball-maker and press. Do not keep your foot in one place but move it around and change the area you press to get an even ball. Continue pressing until all of the excess snow has fallen off and you begin to hear the grind of the upper lid of the Snowball-maker and the table below.

making002.jpgmaking002.jpgWhen taking the snowball out of the Snowball-maker, be sure to turn the snowball as you lift out, then you will have a nice ball. If you compress the snowball once with your hands you will have a harder snowball.