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Court Set Up

Set Up Check List

Rope for lines(stakes) As many as needed
Safety net(stakes to hold it) As many as needed
Plastic cans to hold the flag poles 2 30-40cm tall/6cm in diameter
Shelters(1*180cm width・6*90cm width) Complete set All are 90cm high and 45cm wide
Helmets(Red8・Blue8・Green6) 22 Red and Blue are for Player. Green is for Referee.
Racing numbers for competitiors As many as needed
Flag poles(Red1,Blue1) Use ski poles, Each team brings their own flag.
Target for Victory Throw Game  
Snowball maker and Cradle for Snowball maker
Jet heater Unneccessary when snow is wet
Snowball case and Lids As many as needed
Umpire whistle  
Stop watch  
Yellow and Red Cards 1 each Use cards from other sports 

Yukigassen Court Layouts

Battlefield Layout
Battlefield-Layout.jpgBattlefield Layout

Court Layout(36m)

36m-e.jpgCourt Layout(36m)

Court Layout(32m/Kids)

32m-e.jpgCourt Layout(32m/Kids)